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Pipe and tube cutting methods are two important steps when working with plastics and metals. It is often used to make refrigerant tubing and to join tubes that carry the flow. But since pipe cutting machines and tubes can be made from a wide range of materials, it may be necessary to use a wide range of tools and equipment to cut them. There are many ways to cut pipes and tubes, and each needs a different set of tools. This article talks about several ways to cut pipes and tubes, as well as some common tools for doing so.

Where can I learn about pipe and tube cutting methods?

Here are some ways to cut metal or plastic pipes and tubes when working with those materials.

  • The best way to cut metal pipes and tubes is with abrasive cutting. This method uses an abrasive saw built into the pipe-cutting machine to cut the metal. The rotary abrasive saw cuts the metal tube or pipe by using forces of shear and friction.
  • The band saw cutting is a type of electronic cutting methods in which a band saw with a continuous band blade and tooth shapes are used as the cutting tool. With the help of the mounting wheels, the seamless band blade can move in a vertical or horizontal plane. This makes the teeth’ shapes rub against the pipe materials.
  • The cold saw method uses a stationary saw turned to cut material. A cold saw is a type of saw where the blade stays still while the rest of the saw moves around. The material is cut when the pipe or tube touches the saw’s blade. This method works well for sawing pipes and tubes in a direction that is perpendicular to the direction of the cut. This method is appealing because the finished pipe or tube surfaces don’t have any “heat-affected zones.”
  • Laser cutting methods is a very useful way to cut pipes and tubes, which is why it has become more popular in recent years. CNC machines are the best way to do the jobs that are part of this method. A laser beam is used in this method to cut through the wall of a plastic or metal tube or pipe. When the laser beam hits the outside of the tube or pipe, it creates a small area of heat that melts the metal and breaks it cleanly. This is a good way to cut angles, shapes, and even through pipes.
  • Shear cutting methods is a method that uses two plates and ID punches to cut tubes and pipes with shear force. ID punches and plates are used to cut the tube into pieces.
  • One of the most useful things you can do with a lathe is cut. The cutting tool spindle of the lathe holds a cutting methods tool with a single point. Cutting happens when the spindle turns, and the cutting tip hits the pipe or tube material. This method can be used to make a deep or grove cut.

Tips to consider the right equipment

Now that we’ve gone over all the different ways to cut pipes and tubes, we can give you tips on choosing the right tools for the job.

  • The first step is ensuring the blade points in the right direction.
  • For cutting methods to work well, you must consider how the material reacts to friction and heat.
  • Third, workers must wear personal protective equipment (PPE) like gloves, helmets, and other safety gear to protect themselves from harm.
  • Lubricate the tools you use to cut pipes to reduce their heat.


Even though there are different ways to cut pipes and tubes, it is clear that the quality of the tool used to cut also affects how much can be made. This is why it’s important to buy pipe and tube-cutting equipment from a reputable company like Woodward Fab. The company sells a wide range of tools for bending pipes and tubes and general cutting tools for the metalworking industry.


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